Lights, Camera, Life…

We are all heroes of the movies based on our lives,

Produced by god, the direction it will take is what we decide

So why stop at ordinary?

When you can make it into a blockbuster, classic or an evergreen.

Hello there! I am Riddhima and keeping with this philosophy, I am all set to rock MACE (MA Creative Economy) 17! The journey has begun and with every project, every experience I am growing into a better person.

Diary of a Cinephile is a story of a proud film fanatic at heart for whom new ideas and creativity with an extra dose of filmy tang is all she needs.

Currently, I am living my dream of exploring new ideas, people, places, flavors, opportunities, and failures. A dream no less than a roller coaster ride. But like every roller coaster ride leaves you pumped with adrenaline and energy; this rollercoaster ride has kind of made me fall in love with challenges and life.

With this, I welcome you to my little world of creativity which is surely meant to grow and become more colorful with every endeavor.

Bon Voyage…